IONM Training for Continuing Education in Healthcare

Neuro Alert has a robust and broad spectrum of IONM continuing education for individuals previously trained in the field of IONM and/or seeking an opportunity to review and expand their clinical knowledge. Our courses consist of webinar-based presentations with diverse and salient topics taught by top physicians, surgeons, neurologists, neuroscientists and IONM clinicians themselves. Two of the courses, Introduction to Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring Course and the CNIM Preparatory Course, have been ASET (The Neurodiagnostic Society) accredited. ASET has assigned the Introduction to IONM course an unprecedented total of 97 CE credits due to its strong content.

Course topics include:

  • In-depth anatomic and physiologic reviews
  • Overviews of diagnostic imaging
  • Medico-legal implications of IONM
  • Surgical steps in commonly monitored procedures
  • Applying the latest in research and application of our monitoring modalities

In addition, Neuro Alert’s continuing education program offers surgical neurophysiologists (SNPs) the opportunity to design, structure and present on the topic of their choice with the assistance of the Continuing Education Director. This unique opportunity allows the SNPs to demonstrate their mastery of the subject and elevate their profile among their peers both inside and outside the company.

The knowledge gained from these presentations is relevant, edifying and practical. In addition to strengthening our SNP’s clinical practices, each continuing education presentation in our program satisfies one credit toward CNIM recertification.

Neuro Alert’s continuing education program is a fantastic element of our focus on patient care and clinician quality of life.

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eBook: IONM Techniques
ASET Foundation, Inc. Accredited

About ASET

ASET — The Neurodiagnostic Society is the largest national professional association for individuals involved in the study and recording of electrical activity in the brain and nervous system. Organized in 1959, ASET’s mission is to provide leadership, advocacy and professional excellence for our members, creating greater awareness of the profession and establishing standards and best practices to ensure quality patient care.