Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement

Neuro Alert’s clinicians and services are routinely evaluated through our thorough and comprehensive Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Program (QA/PIP). The QA/PIP focuses on critical parameters of the performance of our technical and professional clinical teams. Clinical service is evaluated through electronic medical record reviews, real-time reviews, and onsite (in the operating room) reviews. Through our customizable reports, Neuro Alert tracks data representing the clinical service and the effects and impact of improvement plans, which ensures that patients are getting the best possible care.

Clinical Operations

Looking out for a patient’s well-being is a critical concern. To accomplish this, our clinical operations are managed through a multi-team approach: The Scheduling Team and Information Technology (The IT Team).

The Scheduling Team:

  • Books and confirms surgical cases as well as validates the specifics of the monitoring requests from the surgeon.
  • Compiles and maintains surgeon, clinician, and hospital preferences and makes them available through mobile technology.
  • Manages after-hours, weekend, and holiday call schedules to ensure 24/7 preparedness for patients.

The IT Team:

  • Ensures that all computers, internet technology, and our monitoring software are top-of-the-line and working smoothly and that all our information technologies are HIPAA-compliant.
  • Provides real-time support through an online technical support program, helping the field team rapidly overcome any technical issues they may face in the moment.
IONM Assessment
eBook: IONM Techniques

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