Dr. T.V. and Dr. Surya Seshan

Dr. T.V. Seshan was undoubtedly one of the pioneers of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM). Having first been requested by fellow physicians to monitor complex surgical procedures to ensure better patient outcomes nearly four decades ago, Dr. Seshan quickly discovered the life-changing — and life-saving — role that IONM plays in successful surgeries. But, Dr. Seshan was not content to limit the impact of his skill and the burgeoning field of IONM to his own professional prowess.

He had a vision to infuse the field with advancement and highly skilled and dedicated clinicians so that every patient has the greatest opportunity for a healthy life. Investing his own time, resources and entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Seshan planted the seeds of that vision when he founded Neuro Alert in 2007 with the mission to speak for patients when they cannot speak for themselves, ensuring their safety during surgery.

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