Neuro Alert IONM Process and Workflow

Neuro Alert’s Surgical Neurophysiologists arrive early and introduce themselves to the patients and their families, conduct an interview, and monitor pre-position baselines of evoked potentials in the operating room. Our technologists follow all required hospital policies and procedures communicated to them. Once in the operating room our technologists, under constant supervision of remote reading physicians, monitor the most complex surgeries such as spinal deformity correction, brainstem and brain mapping, and cardiovascular procedures. Neuro Alert technologists remain in constant, real-time communication with Neuro Alert’s board-certified reading physicians.

Real-time remote neuromonitoring allows Neuro Alert’s technologists to confer with our remote reading physicians to alert the surgical team of any changes in the neuromonitoring parameters, potentially avoiding any permanent postoperative neurological deficits. All communication between our technologists and remote reading physicians, as well as all the observations of the on-site technologist, are recorded on an event list, time stamped, sent directly to the surgeon within 48 hours, and stored according to HIPAA compliance regulations.

For our clients’ peace of mind, our scheduling team provides rapid response, 24-hour support, 365 days a year. Clients can also take advantage of our convenient online booking along, with easy scheduling and verification processes.

Did you know?

Over the last decade, there has been a 296 percent increase in the utilization of IONM during spine surgery.

Neuro Alert is staffed by highly trained, certified surgical neurophysiologists, capable of monitoring complex surgeries with reliable, high-quality neuromonitoring equipment while taking surgeon preferences into account.

As part of the operating room team, our clinicians provide valuable information and support surgeons during critical moments in the procedure, minimizing the potential of neurological injury to the patient.

Beyond our commitment to improving patient safety through IONM, we deliver the following benefits:

  • Customized Programs
  • Commitment to Surgeon Preferences
  • Service Line Expansion
  • Full Integration with the Surgical Team
  • 24/7 Client Services, Scheduling and IT
  • Availability and Support
  • Institutional Educational Programs
  • Periodic Performance Meetings
  • Benchmarking Tools
  • Regulated Clinical Compliance and Competencies Programs
  • Robust Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement