Neuro Alert’s Surgical Neurophysiologists (SNPs) receive specialized training through a unique blend of didactics and hands-on, practical training in both the classroom and the operating room.

Formalized Practicum:

  • Onsite monitoring with senior clinicians in the OR to gain exposure to using IOM modalities and techniques during varied surgeries.
  • Processes and intricacies of remote monitoring and supervision.
  • Interning experience monitoring cases with direct and limited supervision.

Our clinicians are tested, evaluated, and given feedback at every stage of the didactic and practical portions of their training and are cleared to perform cases on their own only when they have satisfied all internal requirements.

Education is an ongoing process at Neuro Alert. Our Continuing Education Program affords clinicians with education at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Continued Education is achieved through regular lectures given by experts from both within and outside of the company. Lectures include a review of scientific publications and case reports. In addition, clinicians study ongoing cases with direct and limited supervision as part of the program.