Working together to build healthier lives

As the leading provider of customized IONM solutions, Neuro Alert has been setting the standard since 2007 for ensuring patient safety during surgeries that place the central or peripheral nervous systems at risk.

For healthcare facilities and health systems, we achieve the following:

Elevate surgical standards

Our certified surgical neurophysiologists and board-certified physicians work directly with surgical teams to improve patient safety. Our highly trained team has logged thousands of hours in operating rooms, monitoring complex surgeries with the latest neuromonitoring equipment.

Optimize your monitoring

Neuro Alert’s skilled team monitors complex surgeries with reliable, high-quality neuromonitoring equipment while considering surgeon preferences. Our technologists maintain real-time communication with our board-certified reading physicians to enhance the quality of care and enable quick decision-making.

Minimize your risk

As part of the operating room team, our clinicians provide valuable information and support surgeons during critical moments in the procedure. The feedback that we have provided has not only minimized the risks of neurological injury and postsurgical deficits but also saved lives.

If you require IONM leadership that:

  • Integrates seamlessly into existing surgical team(s)
  • Offers accessible and rapid support
  • Dramatically improves patient safety

Neuro Alert is your best option.