For all neuromonitoring services, Neuro Alert provides prompt, thorough documentation, including numerical data, for hospitals, operating physicians, insurance companies and other appropriate parties.

Neuro Alert will submit claims electronically on behalf of all patients. Our Billing Department is available to decode your invoice and assist with payment issues. As each insurance policy is unique, please check with your insurance company for more information. Neuro Alert provides services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does insurance cover the cost of IONM?
A: Yes, insurance covers the cost.

Q: Will I owe anything?
A: The only amount for which you are responsible is the portion applied to your deductible or any amount sent to you by your insurance company.

Q: What if I receive a check?
A: Should you receive a check from your insurance company, we ask that you please endorse it and forward it to the Neuro Alert Billing Office at 399 Knollwood Road, Suite 108, White Plains, NY 10603.

If you have any additional inquiries, please contact the Neuro Alert Billing Office at (914) 358-5845.