Our mission is to speak for our patients when they can’t speak for themselves.


Our “why” is to build a healthier world.

We fulfill our “why” by empowering our team through care, learning, collaboration and innovation.

We make our mark by changing and saving lives. This is what inspires us to be the best we can be every day.

Four Foundations



For our community.
For our team members.
For the success of our clients.
For our patients and the future of healthcare.

Lead through learning

Lead through learning

A learning organization grows.
Share knowledge and new methodologies.
Jump at opportunities to learn.
Gain knowledge by teaching.

Partner and collaborate

Partner and collaborate

Work together to identify challenges and solutions.
Tap into the talents of partners and team members.
Combine strengths, ambition and vision.
Treasure relationships and celebrate accomplishments.

Think big and innovate

Think big and innovate

Start with the end in mind.
Rethink products, services and processes.
Create solutions using cutting-edge tools.
Face challenges.
Create positive experiences for clients, colleagues and patients.

Our Black Sheep Values



Own your responsibilities and do your part to execute well, on behalf of our team, for our customers and partners.


Be positive, encouraging, caring, and an inspiration to yourself and to your team members.


Think BIG and bring new, forward-thinking ideas; embrace all ideas, openly.