Why choose Neuro Alert and neuromonitoring?

Since 2007, Neuro Alert has been setting the bar for ensuring patient safety while undergoing surgeries that place the central or peripheral nervous systems at risk. Neuro Alert is staffed by highly trained certified surgical neurophysiologists capable of monitoring extremely complex surgeries with high-quality neuromonitoring equipment. Our technologists are in constant, real-time communication with board-certified reading physicians who have logged thousands of hours in the operating room. Neuro Alert neurophysiologists and technologists provide appropriate feedback to the surgical team during a procedure to help minimize risk of postoperative neurological deficits that may otherwise go undetected.

Safety and liability

Our primary goal at Neuro Alert is to ensure the safety and improved functional outcome of all patients. As a pioneer of IONM, all of Neuro Alert’s reading physicians are board certified and have experience with thousands of neurodiagnostic cases in the operating room. Our technologists are present in the operating room throughout the surgery and maintain constant, real-time communication with reading physicians through neuromonitoring. Neuro Alert’s technologists are CNIM certified, trained in the latest monitoring techniques and continually strengthen their medical expertise through training and seminars. Our technologists have been trained in electrical safety and follow all sterile field precautions in the OR, including safety training and handling of sharps and bodily fluids.

Neuro Alert’s comprehensive liability insurance can also aid in hospital risk management, protecting surgeons and beyond. Our technologists and reading physicians are also covered by malpractice insurance.

Billing information for individual cases can be provided upon request.

Setting yourself apart

In today’s healthcare environment, it is imperative that health professionals focus on a continuum of care that sets them apart. A healthcare institution’s success rests upon the quality and consistency of the services it provides. Neuro Alert’s Quality Assurance program assures that your monitoring services are at the forefront of IONM technologies and protocols. Neuro Alert’s 24/7, weekend on-call and emergent care coverage exist to meet the performance demands required for superb patient care and support your institution’s role as an innovative healthcare provider.

Hospital Education

In support of IONM thought leadership, Neuro Alert provides:

  • Continuing education
  • In-services and grand rounds for hospitals
  • Availability for speaking engagements